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Disco Demolition: The Night Disco Died

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It started as an off-beat baseball promotion designed to sell tickets at Comiskey Park and gain listeners for a fledgling FM radio station—until it devolved into one of the most infamous events in Chicago’s rich baseball history.  Disco Demolition Night exploded on July 12, 1979 in the middle of a White Sox doubleheader and it remains one of the city’s most memorable sports history moments. Based on the book by Steve Dahl with journalist Dave Hoekstra and photographer Paul Natkin. Using video, artifacts, interviews, memorabilia, and photographs by Natkin, this exhibit examines the culture, the music and the conflict that came to a head on a warm summer night when the wheels came off a promotion—and disco met its demise. Media sponsor: The Loop WLUP-FM 97.9